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Date posted Mar 18, 2024
Updated on Mar 25, 2024

Top Strategies for a Functional L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The layout of the kitchen should be thoroughly considered to ensure that it is an area that can be used for food preparation and cooking as well as many other tasks. That is why the kitchen requires a lot of planning. If it is not practical, it can be frustrating to use and isn’t something that you can easily fix. You want a kitchen layout to be both practical and attractive. For this very reason, simple L-shaped kitchen designs are a favourite choice for a lot of Australian households. An L-kitchen offers plenty of flexibility and storage without feeling too cramped. An L-shaped kitchen layout is made up of two adjacent walls with runs of cabinetry placed against them. For the most efficiency, a kitchen in L-shape needs to be at least 10.3 m2. Generally, it should be sized to accommodate a dining table or island. The long side of an L-shape kitchen layout typically ranges from 2.4 to 4m and the short one is 1.0 to 2.7m in length.

Pros and cons of kitchen L-shape design

The L-shaped ideas for kitchens have many benefits. Versatile and adaptable, L-kitchen layout allows utilising space in the best way in both large and small rooms. Like anything else, the layout can also have some negative aspects. it doesn’t mean at all that these features will be an issue for you. These features are here to help you assess the suitability of L-shaped kitchen layout ideas for your space:

Advantages of an L-shaped kitchen Disadvantages of an L-shaped kitchen
It creates a more open layout and does not interrupt traffic flow. L-shape is the perfect kitchen interior that allows families to prepare meals together or interact with their kids or guests while cooking. L-shaped kitchen design ideas might have limited flexibility. Despite its efficient use of space, it leaves you with few space planning options.
An L-shape kitchen design offers ample storage space. You can add shelves and cabinets above and below your benchtop on both walls. With careful planning, a kitchen L-shaped layout allows for the clever use of corner space as well. Corner cabinets in the L-kitchen design may be difficult to access and use effectively, requiring special storage solutions such as open shelves or lazy Susans for maximum efficiency.
The L-shaped kitchen also provides you with an ergonomic appliance layout and an efficient working triangle. The kitchen with L-shape design allows the appliances to be arranged to create multiple work zones. It increases the prep area due to the prolonged L-shaped kitchen bench. Kitchen L-shaped designs may make it harder to fit appliances such as the refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher into their layout than other styles do.

Crafting a functional L-shaped kitchen floor plan

However, with thoughtful planning and considerations, you could minimize complications and create a functional and stylish kitchen space. The floor plan for an L-shaped kitchen layout can be in turn in any orientation, but cabinetry, appliances and seating are usually grouped into specific categories. Let’s explore how to create L-shaped kitchen layouts that work.

  1. Along the longer wall, you will put most of your L-shaped kitchen cabinets and benchtops. On the shorter wall, you’ll have fewer benches and storage and more appliances, usually the fridge and stove.
  2. In many kitchen designs an L-shape, the sink and dishwasher are located in the long wall. It is also common to put an L-shaped kitchen sink in the corner, however, it will reduce the sink options as well as under-sink cabinet usability.
  3. If the space allows, you may create a modern L-shaped kitchen design with tall pantries on both sides of the workspace. You may built-in the fridge on one side and the oven on the other.
  4. You may significantly upgrade your L-shaped kitchen with an island floor plan. You can keep the efficiency and openness of your design while also getting some extra preparation space, storage, and seating. L-shape kitchen designs with islands require a minimum area of 10.7 square meters and a clearance of at least 1.07 meters wide to allow for easy access to kitchen stove, dishwasher and fridge.
  5. You can still use L-kitchen designs even if your room has a doorway or a large window in the longer wall. This is an L-shape kitchen idea with a run of cabinets on a long wall interrupted by a doorway, also called a broken L. It still has all the efficiency and benefits of a simple kitchen design L-shape. If you are experiencing more traffic, consider moving the main appliances and workspaces away from your doorway.

These are some rules of thumb for creating the best L-shaped kitchen layouts. By prioritizing efficient use of space and thoughtful placement of appliances and storage you’ll get a functional and stylish kitchen that maximizes both usability and aesthetic appeal.

Small L-shaped kitchen layout

In the limited space, a small L-shaped kitchen design is the best choice. It is only two walls wide and can visually open up the space in the small L-shape kitchen. It is still important to plan your small L kitchen so that you can divide the room into three major working areas – sink, stove and refrigerator – and have enough space in between for food preparation. This will also help to create a balance in your kitchen, and provide a safe distance between main areas.

  • Take your kitchen measurements. Mark the position of all windows, doors and other items you will need to take into account, such as radiators or plugs. Do not forget to measure the height of your walls to know how much vertical space is available. This way you may create a pinpoint L-shaped kitchen layout with dimensions.
  • Start your planning at the corner of your L-shaped small kitchen and work outward along each wall. When you are limited on space, putting your sink and hob together on one leg is a good idea. This helps to define the zones for cooking and cleaning, resulting in greater efficiency and increasing L-shape kitchen`s bench.
  • It is likely that the sink will be placed next to a window in a small kitchen L-shape design if your kitchen has one on one side. Positioning your sink is important as you don’t want to plan the hob or any other tall housings in front of a window.
  • Plan the hob close to an external wall. This allows the extractor to be vented to the outside. In small L-shaped kitchen designs, keep it away from the corners. Cooktop should be at a minimum 150mm from the workbench and 400 mm from other appliances. It is recommended that there be at least 600mm between the sink, and the hob. If you cannot achieve this, then consider placing the hob on the other side of your L.
  • The wall units are among the smallest in a modern kitchen. Although they have a great storage potential in l-shaped kitchen cabinet design. It is important to place them properly to prevent the small space from feeling overwhelming. Add upper cabinets along the longest wall on your L. And leave the opposite leg of the L-shaped kitchen without upper cabinets. Using floating shelves instead will keep your space airy and open.
  • If your L-shaped kitchen-diner layout has limited benchtop space, consider optimizing it by installing a peninsula island. Instead of taking up precious floor space in the small L-shaped kitchen with the dining table taking up valuable benchtop, integrate a dining area directly into the kitchen. Using a small L-shaped kitchen with an island attached directly to the benchtop you increase dining options and additional countertop space when necessary.

Plan your small modern L-shaped kitchen with Trendstyle and make the most of the space. Even though small L-shape kitchen designs are versatile, planning them correctly is still essential to ensure the end result will be both beautiful and functional.

L-shaped kitchen design with window

If you want to flood your kitchen with light, consider designing your L-shaped kitchen around a large window. In the kitchen, we do many things in the preparation area or at the sink. Do not hesitate to put them in front of the window if you have the opportunity. The natural light will save you money on your electricity bill, as there won’t be a need to illuminate your benchtop. It’s also nice to have the outside in front of your eyes, and not the wall in the modern L-shaped kitchen design with a window. If you are looking for a way to maximize your bench surface in a small L-shaped kitchen design with a window, deep window sills are a great way to achieve this. Deepening a window sill can be useful to store practical items, such as cleaning equipment around the sink or worktop. The addition of a kitchen window seat creates a comfortable place for relaxation. You may even include some storage beneath the seat. Arranging the window seat into your kitchen let you face a lovely view of the garden, and to be a quiet and peaceful spot to take a break and have a cup of tea. It is important that the window in which it is placed is double or triple glazed and thermally efficient. A cold, drafty window seat isn’t pleasant.

L-shaped kitchen with an island design

The L-shaped kitchen without an island is not always functional in open, large kitchens. However, adding a kitchen island can make the L-shape layout more practical. It provides a comfortable seating area, which is perfect for entertaining or quick meals. An L-shaped kitchen with cabinets and an island will also increase storage and benchtop space. Depending on how large your L-shaped kitchen is, you can add an Island bench to increase storage and also create additional working surface. A kitchen island can be added to the L-shaped design, but the space will still need more room if you want to add it. This is because the island requires a walkway around it; L-shaped kitchen designs with island are best planned in a space of at least 11.2 square meters. When planning an L-shaped kitchen layout with an island, widths from 1.2m to 1.8m are considered optimal. An effective length of 3.35 m is recommended. While it’s tempting to include as many benchtops and cabinets as you can in your L-kitchen with island, don’t overlook traffic routes. In the L-shaped kitchen with island plans, kitchen walkways are recommended to be at a minimum of 1.07m in width, with a preferred clearance between 1.2 or even 1.8 m for multiple cooks. If you frequently host guests, upgrading your L-shaped kitchen with a breakfast bar could optimize kitchen functionality. However, if you have a big family, a L-shaped kitchen with a dining table is your best shot. Seating on both sides of the table allows you more comfortable eating whether breakfast or dinner. Choose a mobile island or cart to maintain to add extra prep and storage area in a small L-shape kitchen with island. These inexpensive units are great for small spaces with not a lot of options.

L-shaped open kitchen design features

An open concept kitchen is the one not separated from other areas of the house, usually dining or living room. L-shaped kitchen-living room floor plans, with kitchens typically tucked in corners, allow them to open naturally into adjacent rooms. This creates a distinct cooking area for your open concept kitchen, while the other rooms feel like they have their own space. Open-concept floor plans can be very adaptable for the L-shaped kitchen layout. It can accommodate your island, kitchen cabinets, and appliances. By incorporating an open-concept L-shaped kitchen with an island, you’ll have ample seating options while still allowing for kitchen activity. However, an island in your L-shaped kitchen with a dining-living room should be placed in a way that allows for easy flow of traffic between areas. Ensure there’s enough space in the open-concept small L-shaped kitchen with an island for people to move comfortably. You should also take into consideration the seating arrangement in the L-shaped open plan kitchen-living room, so it complements the kitchen island. The proper arrangement encourages interaction between those in the kitchen and those in the living room, fostering a sense of connectivity in the open-plan layout.


What you should never place in the corner of an L-shaped kitchen?
Avoid placing a corner pantry in an L-shaped kitchen as it can restrict accessibility and make it challenging to utilize the space efficiently.
Does an L-shaped kitchen design work for an open-plan kitchen-dining room?
An L-shaped kitchen design can be adapted for an open-plan kitchen-dining room, especially when incorporating an island that opens up to the living room area, creating a seamless flow between spaces.
Is an L-shape kitchen with an island bench a good idea?
An L-shaped kitchen with an island bench adds functionality and style to the space. It provides extra counter space for food preparation, and additional storage, and can serve as a focal point in the kitchen.
Could you use modular units to design an L-shaped kitchen?
Modular units are an excellent option for designing an L-shaped kitchen. They offer flexibility in layout and customization, allowing you to create an L-shape modular kitchen design that suits your specific needs and preferences seamlessly.
How can I maximize storage in an L-shaped kitchen with limited space?
To maximize storage in a small L-shaped kitchen, utilize vertical space by installing ceiling-height cabinets. Additionally, consider incorporating pull-out shelves, and corner cabinets with built-in organizers to make the most of every nook of available space.

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