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Kitchen Benchtops

This is the range of Amazing Kitchen island Benchtops to choose from. But, making a decision can be a daunting task, so doing your own research is vital. Whichever kind of worktop. Make sure you purchase from a supplier you can trust.

Most people are happy with their stone benchtop choice, but there is disaster stories. So, take your time to browse and book an appointment to view if needed. Because finding a breathtaking island benchtop should be a exciting experience. Firstly, a kitchen is never complete without a premium countertop. Secondly, work surfaces are the most expensive investment in the kitchen, so make it work for you!.

Importantly, our materials are supplied in various sizes. 600mm widths and 900mm widths, and sometimes the odd Jumbo slab available (1800mm). All materials come in slabs 2700mm+ lengths

Importantly, the stone benchtops are provided in A1 condition. But, customers will need to arrange transport.

Finally, Granite is a natural material. which Changes in colour and pattern should be expected. During pick up a final inspection can be done by the customer. Granite requires a sealant placed on the work surface every year, its a easy process and very cheap. This will help to avoid staining of the materials.

Give us a call to discuss your new island benchtop, or project.

Stocks are very limited due to the global shipping crisis, so please bare with us as we try to source more materials



Granite Benchtops

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