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Appliance Towers

$858.00$1,368.00 inc. GST
Base Cabinets image 1

Base Cabinets

$126.00$378.00 inc. GST

Base Corner Cabinets

$342.00$354.00 inc. GST

Base Drawer Cabinets

$222.00$756.00 inc. GST

Corner Pantries

$756.00$1,344.00 inc. GST

Fridge Cabinet

$132.00$1,134.00 inc. GST


$54.00$96.00 inc. GST

Microwave Cabinets

$210.00$432.00 inc. GST

Oven Cabinets

$150.00$372.00 inc. GST


$6.00$396.00 inc. GST


$294.00$1,254.00 inc. GST

Rangehood Cabinets

$162.00$492.00 inc. GST

Slimline Cabinets

$126.00$180.00 inc. GST

Wall Cabinets

$96.00$528.00 inc. GST

Wine Racks

$156.00$216.00 inc. GST
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