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Date posted Feb 10, 2024
Updated on Feb 13, 2024

Pantry cupboards – everything you need to know about pantry storage design

The kitchen tends to be one of those rooms where clutter is common. It’s not just food and grocery items that are messing up the kitchen. There are also pots, dinnerware, cutlery, and many other things. Since the majority of these items are kept in your pantry kitchen cupboards, you must ensure everything safe, organized, and stocked. Storage pantry cabinets can be used to hold all kitchen items. This is essential for all households, especially for big families. These are some of the kitchen pantry cupboard ideas that the Trendstyle crew would like to share with you!
Pantry cabinets for the kitchen can come in various styles, including walk-ins and drawers, freestanding or built-ins, and their combinations. No matter the pantry cupboard design, it should optimize the layout of your kitchen by consolidating items into one location.

Kitchen pantry designs and configurations

The pantry storage cupboards are a great way to save space. The design and layout of pantry kitchen cabinets, as well as the space and traffic management, make it efficient and smart. A well-organised kitchen pantry cabinet lets you observe everything inside without rummaging through every item. The adjustable shelving for pantry cupboards will allow you to store items in a variety of ways.

Walk-ins and butler’s pantries

Walk-in pantries are ideal for those who entertain guests frequently or cook for a large family. They offer many functions, including extra storage space for food and kitchenware, revealing space for appliances and preparation areas in the kitchen.

When it comes to walk-in pantry design ideas, the possibilities are vast. Cabinets for a walk-in pantry provide ample room for storing bulk items, seasonal ingredients, and kitchen appliances that may not have a daily place on the kitchen bench.

  1. A straight walk-in pantry layout features shelves lining one or both sides of a narrow walkway. A straightforward walk-in pantry design allows easy access to items on the shelves. Consider organizing shelves by category for a well-ordered look.
  2. An L-shaped walk-in pantry floor plan is ideal for larger spaces, utilising two walls for storage. This design provides ample shelving and allows for a more open feel, making it easier to navigate and locate items.
  3. A wrap-around shelving pantry maximizes storage by utilizing three walls for shelving and drawers. It offers a comprehensive and organized storage solution, creating a pantry that surrounds you with options and visibility.
  4. Floor-to-ceiling storage helps to maximize vertical space and fit more items in your pantry room. This layout provides an abundance of storage, accommodating items of various sizes while creating a visually striking and organized look.

A kitchen with a walk-in pantry allows you to keep your cooking space clutter-free, providing a clear and open space for cooking and meal preparation. Hence a lot of Australian houseowners aim to add a pantry when planning a kitchen renovation. A walk-in pantry with a window sounds like a good idea. But you should take into account that UV rays from sunlight can lead to the degradation of certain food items, affecting their quality and shelf life. Ingredients like spices, grains, and oils are particularly sensitive to direct sunlight, and over time, their flavours and nutritional value can be compromised.

To preserve the longevity and freshness of your pantry items, it’s advisable to limit the exposure of the food pantry cabinet to direct sunlight. If a window is present, consider using blinds, curtains, or UV-filtering window films to mitigate the impact of sunlight while still allowing for occasional natural light. This way, you can strike a balance between the aesthetic appeal of a window in your pantry and the protection of your stored goods from the potentially harmful effects of sunlight exposure.

A butler’s pantry acts like an extension of your kitchen. A hidden butler’s pantry provides a space separate from the main area of the kitchen. This small butler’s pantry allows you to store the functional kitchen elements in their own area.

However, traditionally butler’s pantries are located between the kitchen and dining room. Such a butler’s pantry floor plan is designed to facilitate seamless serving and entertaining. Butler’s pantry ideas are becoming more popular because of the growing popularity of open-plan areas.

If the open pantry cabinets are visible and on display from the kitchen or dining room, you will likely want to match all the materials and fittings with the kitchen cabinets. With dedicated spaces for fine china, glassware, and even a wine refrigerator, a butler’s pantry adds both style and practicality to your layout.

Freestanding and corner pantry cupboard ideas

Tall and corner pantry cabinets are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. They eliminate the need for excess cabinets and allow you to store all your foods in one area in a reach-in pantry. With a freestanding pantry cupboard, you can protect your food from light, temperature and moisture by storing it in its own separate space.

Corners have a great storage potential, do not let the far corners that are difficult to reach go to waste. Instead, utilize them with a clever corner pantry cabinet. A Lazy Susan is a rotating turntable typically placed in a cabinet or on a tabletop. It consists of a circular platform that spins around a central pivot point. The rotating mechanism starts when you open the door, allowing items placed on it to be brought within reach.

In corner pantry cupboards, lazy Susan turntables are a game-changer. They allow you to rotate the shelves, bringing items from the back of a corner cupboard pantry to the front with a simple spin. Installing turntable shelves will make it possible to use and access the space that was previously inaccessible in the corner kitchen pantry cupboard.

Additionally, swing-out shelves can be installed in a kitchen pantry corner cupboard, providing easy access to items tucked away in those challenging spaces. Swing-out shelves in a kitchen corner pantry cupboard operate on a hinge system. The shelves are attached to the inside of the cupboard door or the cabinet’s frame. When the door is opened or the shelf is activated, it swings out smoothly, bringing the stored items from the hidden corner into plain view. This design allows for easy access to items that might otherwise be challenging to reach in the deep pantry cupboard.

You may want to consider tall pantry cupboards if you are looking for something bigger. The best thing is that you get a few modular boxes, which can be equipped with shelves and drawers as well as hanging or sliding doors. Freestanding pantry cupboards in Australia, whether with one door or multiple doors, offer ample storage space and organizational opportunities in the kitchen:

    • Single-door pantry cupboard offers significant storage capacity, making it an excellent choice for kitchens. With its slender design, a stand-alone pantry cabinet maximizes vertical storage, allowing you to store a variety of items without taking up much room on the kitchen floor.There are several placement options for a tall pantry cupboard, depending on the layout of your kitchen. Consider placing it in a corner to utilize space that might otherwise go unused. Alternatively, it can be positioned alongside other cabinets or appliances to create a seamless and integrated look, for instance, placing pantry cabinets around the fridge. You can easily access all of your food by keeping it in one area. Pantry cabinets around a fridge combine the storage of dry goods with cold foods in one place.The vertical design of tall pull-out pantry cabinet shelves allows for the convenient storage and organization of groceries. For a single-door tall pantry cabinet, consider installing pull-out drawers or baskets that make the most of the vertical space and ensure easy access to items stored in the back. This way, every nook of a stand-alone pantry cupboard is utilized efficiently, and you won’t have to rummage through the depths to find what you need. Adjustable shelving will help to accommodate varying heights of items, ensuring a flexible and organized pantry cupboard storage solution.
    • A freestanding pantry cabinet with two doors provides ample space for a variety of items, making it suitable for kitchens of all sizes. With a two-door pantry cupboard accessing items stored inside is easy, allowing for efficient organization and retrieval of pantry essentials.The amount of space needed depends on the double pantry cupboard dimensions and your kitchen layout. Consider the available floor space and the proximity to other cabinets or appliances when determining the ideal placement for your double-door pantry cupboard.Utilize the doors of kitchen stand-alone pantry cabinets by attaching hooks or racks for hanging frequently used utensils, aprons, or kitchen towels. You may install door-mounted spice racks or shelving units to make the most of vertical space on the inside of the doors. Consider adding pull-out pantry cupboard drawers for easy access to items stored in the back.
    • A 3-door pantry cupboard helps to divide available storage into designated zones for different categories of items, such as dry goods, canned goods, snacks and various supplies and prevent clutter.When choosing a large pantry cupboard, consider what items you plan to store inside and how much space you’ll need. Since it takes up a lot of floor in the kitchen, you don’t want it to go unused. Consider choosing a sliding pantry cupboard, as its flexibility ensures efficient use of space. However, a sliding door pantry cupboard is not so essential if you have a spacious kitchen and can fit a pantry cupboard with doors that are hung.Whether you’re stocking up on pantry staples or organizing kitchen gadgets and appliances, tall pantry cabinets with doors offer versatility and functionality. Freestanding pantry cupboard easy-to-open doors and ample storage make it an essential addition to any kitchen, providing convenient access to pantry items while helping to keep your space neat and organized.

Overall, a single pantry cupboard offers both versatility and functionality, providing ample storage space while occupying minimal floor space in the kitchen. Its tall height and storage capacity make it an ideal solution for keeping your kitchen organized and clutter-free.

Built-in kitchen pantry cupboards and drawer pantries

Storage pantry cupboards can help you keep your kitchen functional without taking up too much room. These pantry cabinet ideas are based on creative design options, including slide-out systems, drawers, and other smart storage solutions. A pantry storage cupboard can be even hidden within your kitchen.

The kitchen will look balanced and sleek if your pantry is seamlessly integrated into your main cabinetry. This kitchen pantry cupboard design is great for smaller homes. An integrated pantry cupboard maximizes space and allows your kitchen to look and function at its best.

A built-in kitchen pantry is a combination of the two elements. It has pull-outs built into sleek modern cabinets. The built-in pantry cupboard surface is smooth, while the interior is spacious and functional. Hidden pantry solutions are ideal for those who want to conceal their food and kitchen supplies. An ordinary cabinet door can open up to a real deep storage. It can look like either a pantry cupboard with doors or a sliding door and a pull-out pantry cabinet. A barn pantry cupboard door can be a space-saving alternative to an ordinary pantry cupboard with hinges.

Even the smallest of spaces can accommodate a pantry storage cabinet. If you struggle to gain an extra 3 cm of space in your main area kitchen, you might consider installing open pantry cupboard shelves. A pantry cupboard with no doors can accommodate all your needs by increasing storage in this door depth. Additionally, such a slim pantry cabinet can be easily accessed, making it simple to reach backing space.

Garlic, onions, potatoes and carrots are best kept out of the fridge. Add a pantry cupboard with drawers under a bench to keep your produce organized and stored properly. Produce and perishables that shouldn’t go in the fridge can be stored in wire baskets in a drawer pantry cabinet.

Organize a pantry cabinet with drawers according to the type of item for more cohesive storage. With pull-out pantry cupboards, you can fill up your kitchen with food and not worry about losing pasta sauce or other small ingredients. For DIY enthusiasts, you can also optimize your floor cabinets by removing their sides and turning them into slide-out pantry cupboards.

Small pantry-style cupboards

Small pantry cabinets offer practical storage solutions for kitchens with limited space. Featured by their reduced depth or width, these pantry-style cabinets can be utilized effectively by clever organization hacks. Here are some examples of their utilization and small pantry cupboard placement options in the kitchen.

The slimline pantry cupboard design allows for efficient optimisation of vertical space, so consider hanging them on walls. These kitchen cupboards for a pantry typically range from 30 to 40 cm in depth, allowing them to fit seamlessly into tight spaces without protruding too far into the kitchen.

A slim pantry cupboard can be perfect for storing snacks and groceries such as canned goods, boxed items, jars and spices. A shallow pantry cupboard is also a good option for storing small kitchen gadgets, such as blenders, mixers, or toasters. By dedicating a cabinet to these items, you can free up counter space and keep your kitchen uncluttered.

If the space is short, install the narrow slide-out pantry cabinets that will reveal a long shelf for lots of storage. Utilize a narrow pantry cabinet to store baking sheets, chopping boards, or if the width allows, slim bottles with oil and vinegar or squeeze sauce bottles. Reduced width allows you to seamlessly fit it into the kitchen interior even in the tiniest gap of 30 cm alongside other kitchen cabinets or between appliances.

The average pantry cupboard dimensions

When considering a pantry cupboard size, it’s essential to factor in both the available space in your kitchen and your storage needs. The standard depth of 60-65 cm, allows for ample storage capacity while ensuring items remain easily accessible with drawers or shelves. The height of a pantry cupboard in Australia can vary from 180 to 220 cm, depending on the ceiling height of your kitchen, with taller options providing more storage space.

Here are the average dimensions for different types of tall kitchen pantry cabinets:

Type Average width Definition
1-door pantry cupboard 40-50 cm A one-door pantry cupboard is suitable for kitchens with limited space. The typical width ranges between 40 to 50 cm, providing enough room for storage.
2-door pantry cupboard 80-100 cm With two doors, a pantry kitchen storage cabinet offers increased storage capacity. The width is doubled, allowing for more extensive storage and organization options.
3-door pantry cabinet 120-150 cm A three-door tall pantry provides maximum storage space, making it ideal for master kitchens or walk-in pantries.

For pull-out pantry cupboard dimensions, the depth typically ranges from 45 to 60 cm to allow easy fit the under benchtop space. Pull-outs are available in various widths with a narrow pantry cupboard starting at 25-30 cm to accommodate different kitchen layouts and storage needs.

Drawer pantries, on the other hand, may offer wider storage solutions with drawers of varying depths and heights. The overall dimensions of drawer pantries can vary based on the number and size of drawers selected, providing flexibility in organizing pantry items.

A standard walk-in pantry size is no less than 150 x 150 cm. However, you can still make it work with a few single pantry cabinets or wall-mounted shelves. To prevent your items from being lost, or buried in time, the experts recommend shelves that measure 40 cm in depth.

By adhering to the recommended pantry cabinet dimensions and considering the available space, you can select pantry cupboards for a kitchen that meet your storage needs and enhance the overall functionality of your cooking zone.


What’s the best pantry cupboard size for a small kitchen?
For a compact kitchen, consider a tall pantry cupboard with a single door ranging from 30 to 40 cm in depth. This size allows it to fit seamlessly into tight spaces without protruding too far into the kitchen.
How can I maximize storage in a small pantry cabinet?
To optimize storage in small pantry cupboards, utilize clever organization hacks such as installing additional shelves, or Lazy Susan turntables. These features allow you to make the most of the limited space and keep pantry items neatly organized.
What should I consider when choosing between pantry cupboard designs?
When deciding between modern pantry cupboard designs, consider factors such as available space, kitchen layout, storage needs, and aesthetic preferences. Built-in pantry cupboards offer a seamless and integrated look, while freestanding pantry cabinets provide versatility and flexibility in placement and design.
What are the benefits of having a walk-in pantry?
Walk-in pantries offer ample space for storage and organization, making them ideal for larger households or avid cooks. They provide easy access to all items and can be customized with shelving and storage solutions.
Can I incorporate a microwave into my pantry cupboard design?
Yes, you can integrate a microwave into your pantry cabinet to save counter space and maintain a streamlined kitchen aesthetic. Consider opting for a pantry cabinet with a built-in microwave shelf. This solution allows for easy access to the microwave while keeping it tucked away when not in use, maximizing both storage and functionality in your kitchen.


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