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Date posted Jan 28, 2024
Updated on Feb 1, 2024

Drawers for kitchen cupboards – find your optimal kitchen drawer design

In your kitchen, base cabinets with drawers can be used in many creative ways. Your back will no longer be strained by bending over to pick up heavy items under the counter or from deep cupboards. The use of drawers for the kitchen instead of cabinets allows for a more organized storage system. A kitchen bench with drawers makes it easier to locate things such as plastic containers, blender parts and can openers. You can use drawer kits for kitchen cabinets to protect delicate items, like wine glasses and tea cups.

This solution allows you to maximize space by dividing the kitchen drawers unit into sections and adding organizers, so you can find the item you are looking for quickly. With changing kitchen cupboards to drawers, there is no more digging through a large, difficult-to-navigate cabinet. In this post, we’ll explore the various considerations that go into finding perfect kitchen cabinet drawers to suit your lifestyle and storage requirements.

You’ve probably never seen a drawer installed higher than waist level. It’s hard to access items in a drawer that’s high up, or to reach the contents. For upper kitchen cabinets, shelves and cupboards are the only options.

Kitchen drawer sizes in Australia

Choosing the right kitchen drawer dimensions can significantly enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen. Cupboard drawers increase the available space in a kitchen as well. They are the best option if you have many small appliances, pots and pans, kitchen tools, and other odd and ends to store in a kitchen drawer unit.

Standard kitchen drawer sizes chart

Height Cm: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 Storing items from cutlery (shallow) to pot sets (deep).
Width Cm: 40, 45, 50, 60, 80, 90 Multiple jars or big dishes will be safe in wide kitchen drawers
Depth Cm: 60 Fits standard kitchen worktop depth.

In a kitchen cabinet, only the adjustable shelf and base are available to place items. Flat-pack kitchen drawers, on the other hand, can have up to four surfaces. But what’s the standard kitchen drawer sizes for your space available? There are various options for kitchen drawer height and width to suit your needs. If we talk about kitchen cabinet drawer dimensions standards, there are a few options:

  • 2-drawer kitchen cabinet, thanks to its height and depth, can suit diverse needs. For standard kitchen drawer width the measurements can range from approximately 30 cm to 60 cm, providing ample space for utensils, appliances, and other kitchen essentials. They even call them kitchen pot drawers, because of the 36 cm height, it is able to fit pots and pans. Pot drawers in the kitchen are excellent for creating a streamlined and efficient storage solution without compromising on style.
  • 3-drawer kitchen cabinet provides the utmost flexibility in terms of dimensions. The standard kitchen top drawer size, typically around 10 to 15 cm in height, can accommodate cutlery and smaller kitchen tools. The middle and bottom drawers, ranging from 20 to 30 cm in height, provide ample space for various kitchen tools and utensils. 3 kitchen drawer cupboard configuration strikes a balance between compact design and expanded storage options.
  • 4-drawer kitchen cabinet is the best choice for those with a penchant for meticulous organization. The additional drawer allows for even more specialized storage. Commonly, the top two range from 10 to 15 cm in kitchen drawer heights, suitable for cutlery and knife block inserts. The bottom two drawers, with heights ranging from 20 to 30 cm, can accommodate a variety of kitchen essentials. Customizing a kitchen drawer cabinet with dividers and organizers enhances its functionality, ensuring every item has its dedicated space.

You can fit different items in a standard-depth kitchen drawer. All you need is to come and stick to a certain kitchen drawer system. For spoons, cans, and spices a shallow-height cabinet is ideal, while a deep drawer is best for pots and pans, bottles or jars with dried foods, kitchen tools, big dishes etc.

Kitchen drawer parts

Now let’s explore what makes a kitchen drawer cabinet work properly understanding the various components that contribute to their functioning. A well-constructed kitchen drawer involves a synergy of intricate components, from the precision of drawer runners to the durability of the drawer box.

Drawer box

The drawer construction consists of a kitchen drawer carcass with a durable bottom and a kitchen drawer front attached using special clips. Kitchen drawer clips are needed so that you can replace the front to add one of the kitchen drawer panels of your choice. Kitchen drawer sides do not necessarily have to be high, usually they do not exceed 10-15 cm, while kitchen drawer fronts can be of different heights to completely cover the cupboard face.

Drawer slides

At the heart of a well-constructed kitchen drawer lies a sophisticated rolling mechanism. Kitchen drawer sliders play a crucial role in the smooth operation making the kitchen drawer soft close. Full extension kitchen cabinet drawer slides are particularly noteworthy, as they enable the drawer box to extend fully from the cabinet. This grants access to the entire drawer space, making every corner easily accessible. Kitchen cabinet drawer slides hardware can be placed on sides or in the bottom of the drawer, so you may not even notice it. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then this might be a challenge for you. Most people will require a cabinet maker with experience to do the kitchen drawer fittings right.

Weight capacity

The box of slide out kitchen drawer itself is a fundamental component, and its construction requires meticulous carpentry. Crafted from durable materials, the drawer box must withstand regular use and the weight of its contents. Joints and corners of kitchen pull out drawers should be meticulously assembled to ensure sturdiness and longevity.
However, each kitchen slide out drawer is designed with a specific weight capacity in mind. Understanding and respecting these weight limits are crucial to maintaining the longevity of the drawer and its associated components. Placing heavy items in a drawer not designed to handle such weight can lead to damage to the kitchen drawer tracks and compromise the drawer’s functionality. It’s essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding kitchen drawer runners’ heavy duty weight capacity.

Soft-close mechanism

A hallmark of slide out drawers for kitchen cabinets is the inclusion of a soft-close mechanism. This innovative feature adds a touch of sophistication to the drawer, enhancing both safety and convenience. Soft-close kitchen drawer runners utilize dampers or hydraulic systems that gently slow down the closing motion of the drawer, preventing it from slamming shut. This protects the structural integrity of the drawer and its contents and contributes to a quieter and more peaceful kitchen environment. The kitchen soft close drawers are particularly beneficial in households with young children, as it reduces the risk of little fingers getting caught in rapidly closing drawers. Additionally, soft close kitchen drawers prevent wear and tear on its components, ensuring a longer lifespan for the entire system.

Kitchen drawer replacement

Cabinetry drawers and doors serve as the backbone of your kitchen’s aesthetic, and when it’s time for a refresh, there are budget-friendly options to consider. The versatility of cabinet fronts allows for a cost-effective transformation through replacement kitchen drawers and fronts.

Adapting your kitchen to a new style or color scheme is much easier when you have standard kitchen drawer measurements. You can order prefinished kitchen doors and drawer fronts cheap, and ready for hassle-free installation. This not only streamlines the kitchen renovation process but also a cost-effective way to achieve an updated look. Affordable options are available in various styles, materials, and finishes, enabling you to find the perfect match for your taste and budget.

In pursuit of enhanced functionality and a modern aesthetic, changing kitchen cupboards to drawers is a transformative move. This move provides an opportunity to reorganize your storage space, making it more accessible and efficient. You may choose to add kitchen internal drawers and leave the traditional door or replace kitchen cabinet doors to drawer fronts, making a common kitchen drawer kit.

You can selectively replace worn-out kitchen drawer spare parts. This targeted approach allows you to allocate your budget wisely while achieving a significant visual and functional impact in your kitchen.

Kitchen drawer types

From ingenious kitchen corner drawer storage solutions to specialized compartments for small appliances and charging gadgets, the realm of kitchen drawers is vast and diverse. The myriad options available, each tailored to address specific storing challenges and enhance the overall efficiency of your kitchen. We delve into the world of kitchen drawers, and shed light on how a thoughtful kitchen drawer set can transform the way you organize, access, and enjoy your kitchen.

  • Blind corner cupboards are usually filled with things that haven’t been used in years. The majority of people who have corner kitchens spend time searching in the darkness. Corner drawers for kitchen cupboards can be used for a comfortable storage of large appliances such as stand mixers and bread makers.
    Rolling out mechanisms such as Lazy Susane work well for kitchen corner drawers. Imagine opening a corner drawer kitchen, and within seconds finding the container and lid you need.
  • Under-sink cupboards are great to keep cleaning tools, but not always as practical as drawers under the kitchen sink. You don’t have to search through a dark and crowded space for cleaning products, and washing liquid. Instead, you can use an under-sink drawer.
    Under the kitchen sink pull out drawer is the best for convenience and aesthetic. When homeowners see how a kitchen sink cabinet drawer shaped around the plumbing pipes works, they have a place where all their cleaning items can be stored in an easily-organised and accessible space.
    Store handwash, dishcloths or washing up liquid on the top kitchen under the sink drawer. It will be off your bench and easy to reach. Then fill the kitchen drawers under the sink below with things you use less often like cleaning supplies, bin liners or scourers.
  • A garbage bin on the floor can look untidy and cluttered. Instead, include a kitchen pull out bin drawer for your trash in the kitchen’s new design. It may be possible, depending on your plumbing setup, to install a kitchen bin drawer under the sink. If you don’t have a cabinet near your sink, then dedicate one for a kitchen drawer bin but not far from the chopping zone.
    The drawer bin in the kitchen can be pulled out, rather than sitting on the shelf of a cupboard and having you tuck in a handful of garbage. Look for a kitchen bin pull out drawer that can be opened by pushing against the front. You can open the drawer by pushing against it with your knee or hip when you have your hands full.
  • Appliance drawers in the kitchen are for storing your blender, waffle maker and other small appliances. Lifting small appliances out from under the benchtop drawer is easier than bending to reach them in a deep cupboard. These appliances will be easier to store if you don’t have to disassemble them each time after using. So, consider the drawer high enough for your appliance to fit.
  • Kitchen charging drawer is the one where you keep all of the chargers for phones and laptops. You’ve probably run out of power sockets in your kitchen and had to unplug the charger for your phone or tablet in order to plug in your blender. You can free up bench space and power points by charging your gadgets with the charging drawer in kitchen. You can mount power points on the backside of the drawer to allow you to plug in your gadgets. The ingenious addition of the kitchen charging drawer is a space dedicated to keeping all your chargers organized.
  • It’s not fun to try and guess the contents of your spice jars as they are stacked on your pantry shelf. Install a shallow kitchen spice drawer next to the stovetop in your kitchen and add a spice insert to keep rosemary and thyme close at hand.
  • Still lack of dish storage? Redefine it with kitchen basket drawers. They offer a creative and organized solution for stacking plates, bowls, and even delicate serving dishes. Kitchen wire drawers act as built-in dividers, ensuring each piece has its designated space, preventing chips and cracks. This design not only adds a touch of rustic elegance to your kitchen but also facilitates easy retrieval of dishes, making meal preparation and cleanup easier.
  • To create a spacious pantry with ample storage, consider incorporating kitchen pantry drawers beneath the bench if space allows. These drawers offer a practical and organized way to store a variety of pantry items, ensuring that everything is easily accessible and well-organized in your kitchen haven.
  • Positioned within larger cabinets, internal kitchen drawers provide a systematic approach to storing frying pans, containers and other kitchen essentials. The advantage of an internal drawer in the kitchen lies in its ability to fully extend, allowing easy access to items at the back without the need for rummaging. internal drawers for kitchen cupboards prove particularly valuable in deep cabinets, transforming once hard-to-reach spaces into efficiently organized storage hubs. internal drawers for kitchen cabinets can be customized with dividers and inserts, allowing you to create designated spaces for specific items. Whether it’s for neatly arranging your cookware or streamlining your pantry essentials, a hidden kitchen drawer contributes to a clutter-free and accessible kitchen environment.

Kitchen drawer design ideas

When it comes to kitchen drawer storage ideas, the versatility and aesthetics of modern kitchen drawers play a pivotal role. Explore a spectrum of most trendy kitchen drawer designs that elevate the overall look of your cooking space.

  1. Embrace the sleek and minimalist trend with kitchen drawers no handles. This modern design offers a streamlined and uninterrupted look – kitchen drawers without handles contribute to a clean and contemporary aesthetic. Handleless kitchen drawers not only exude sophistication but also eliminates protrusions, providing a seamless and easy-to-clean surface.
  2. For those inclined towards classic charm with a touch of modernity, Shaker-style drawers offer a timeless design. Shaker kitchen drawers feature a distinctive flat-panel front with a simple, elegant frame, making them a versatile choice that complements various kitchen styles. A Shaker drawers’ kitchen effortlessly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating a welcoming and enduring atmosphere.
  3. If kitchen drawers flat pack are not your best choice, you could maximize your kitchen’s efficiency by opting for custom kitchen drawers tailored to your specific needs. Customized drawers allow you to designate spaces for utensils, spices, or even built-in dividers for organized storage. This personalized approach ensures that every nook of your kitchen storage drawers is utilized effectively, aligning with your unique requirements.

Kitchen drawer handle placement

Pull-out drawers seamlessly integrate into today’s kitchen designs, providing a discreet and efficient storage solution. Experiment with the placement of handles, knobs, or pulls to add a touch of creativity to your kitchen drawer with handles in Australia. Modern designs often feature kitchen drawer hardware placed on the upper edges or in the middle of the drawer fronts, creating a distinctive and ergonomic look. Contemporary kitchen drawer handles not only serve practical purposes but also contribute to the overall visual appeal of your kitchen.

There is a huge variety of kitchen drawer knobs, pulls, or handles that complement the overall theme. From sleek kitchen drawer pulls to vintage-inspired knobs, the options are endless. Mix and match kitchen drawer handle styles or stick to a cohesive theme to create a curated and personalized look for your kitchen interior.

Explore these kitchen drawer design ideas to strike the perfect balance between functionality and style. Whether you opt for the clean lines of handleless drawers, the classic elegance of Shaker-style fronts, or personalized solutions, each design choice contributes to making your kitchen functional and visually appealing.


Why choose drawers over traditional cabinets in the kitchen?
Drawers in the kitchen offer a more organized storage system, making it easier to locate items. Kitchen bench with drawers eliminate the need to bend over or dig through deep cupboards, providing a practical and ergonomic solution for everyday use.
What are the standard sizes for kitchen drawers in Australia?
Standard drawer sizes vary in height, from 10 cm to 35 cm, width from 40 to 90 cm, and 60 cm depth. These dimensions cater to a range of storage needs, from cutlery to larger pot sets.
Can I change my kitchen cupboards to drawers for a more modern look?
Yes, changing base kitchen cupboards to drawers is a transformative move that enhances accessibility and efficiency. It allows for creative storage solutions and caters to contemporary preferences for drawer-centric designs.
How do different kitchen drawer configurations cater to specific storage needs?
Kitchen drawers come in various configurations, such as 2-drawer, 3-drawer, and 4-drawer cabinets. Each configuration offers unique advantages, with options for storing cutlery, kitchen tools, pots, pans, and more. Understanding these configurations helps tailor your storage to specific requirements.
How can an under kitchen sink drawer be configured for optimal functionality?
Drawer under the sink in the kitchen can be configured with a top drawer for handwash, dishcloths, or washing up liquid, making it easily reachable. The drawers below can then be filled with less frequently used items like cleaning supplies, bin liners, or scourers, optimizing functionality.

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